Green & Sustainable Chemistry Network


 Green & Sustainable Chemistry Network was established in March, 2000 to promote research and development for the Environment and Human Health and Safety through the innovation of Chemistry. One of our activities, GSCN started "GSC Awards" in 2001. GSC Awards are to be granted to individuals, group or company who greatly contributed to promote GSC through their research, development and their industrialization in the fields such as developing of industrial technology, decreasing environmental bourdon, such as carbon dioxide, waste, landfill, harmful by-products etc., establishing new philosophy/methodology in research fields. The achievements are awarded either by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, or by the Minister of the Environment, or by the Minister of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and technology, depending on their achievements since 2002.
 In addition, the GSC network established GSC Student Travel Grant Awards to promote student's approach on GSC in 2004. The selected students are sent to the student workshop of the international conference on GSC as Japanese representatives.

Green Sustainable Chemistry Awards

Student Travel Grant Awards (STGA)

GSC Poster Awards

GSC Junior Awards

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