The 15th (2021) GSC Student Travel Awards Winners

(listed in alphabetical order of winner's last name)

Yoshifumi Kondo

Osaka University

Development of metal-organic framework photocatalysts for efficient hydrogen peroxide production via oxygen reduction

Takehiro Matsuyama

The University of Tokyo

Development of Unprecedented Catalytic Molecular Transformations via Inert Bond Activation Utilizing Supported Nanoparticle Catalysts

Natsuki Okuda

Kyushu University

Hybridization of polysaccharides and hydroxyapatite applicable to tough biomass materials

Jiajia Wang

Hirosaki University

Development of anode electrode materials from transition metal-organic frameworks for high-performance sodium-ion batteries

Kodai Yamanaka

Hiroshima University

Significantly enhanced crystalline structure and photovoltaic property by an intramolecular non-covalent interaction in a thiazolothiazole-thiophene copolymer

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