The 8th (2007) GSC Symposium | GSC Poster Awards Winners

(listed in alphabetical order of winner's last name)

Development of Vitamin B12-TiO2 Hybrid Catalys toward Green Organic Synthesis

Shin-ichiro IZUMI

Kyushu University

Development of Protecting Group Free Catalytic O-Selective Acylation of Aminoalcohols

Takanori IWASAKI

Osaka University

Development of Super-IBX Oxidation Catalysis

Muhammet UYANIK

Nagoya University

Aqueous Electrolyte Organic Secondary Batteries Using Radical Polymers as Cathode Active Material and its GSC Compatibility

Kenichiroh KOSHIKA

Waseda University

Industialization of Surfactant Production Process Synthesized with Subcritical Wtaer


Kao Corp.

Characterization and Application of Poly(aspartic acid)-hydrolyzing Enzyme


Institute of Physical and Chemical Research(RIKEN)

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