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 The Japan Association for Chemical Innovation (JACI), a public interest incorporated association, is composed of members from the chemical industry, user industries, academia, and leading national research institutions. This public interest corporation carries out activities with the aim of promoting various projects with highly public nature concerning chemical technology innovation.
 Recently, many global issues—such as resources, energy, the global environment, water, and food—are becoming marked reasons for concern. Scientific and technological innovation is essential to resolve these problems, of which contributions by chemical technologies are expected to play a central role.
 In particular, Japan, which is called “a country facing many leading-edge issues yet to be solved,” should aim to become a country founded on scientific and technological innovation with the highest international competitiveness, and to serve as a leader in next-generation innovation.
 To fulfill these expectations, JACI will construct platforms for all persons involved in chemistry to overcome barriers and work in a coordinated manner, promote chemical technology innovation based on green and sustainable chemistry (GSC), enhance the international competitiveness of Japanese chemical industry, and carry out positive activities for the sustainable development of Japan and the world.

TANNOWA Tsutomu,Chairman
(Chairman of the Board,

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