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Benefits for Members

Members can obtain various levels of information they need.
[1] Availability of high-quality, chemistry-related information
Members can participate in executive forums, special forums, and so forth, and engage in exchanges with leaders of the chemical industry and administrative offices, such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. In this way, the members are able to coordinate among industry, academia and government, among member businesses, and among relevant industries, and propose policies at the national level.
[2] Ready availability of state-of-the-art technical information
Symposiums will be held with leading experts from industry, academia and government invited as guest speakers. Technical issues in important fields will be identified at various technology subcommittees and lecture meetings to examine trends in state-of-the-art technologies in line with such issues. As a result of the integration, the fields of study will be expanded, and the frequency at which lecture meetings are held will also increase substantially.
Members can attend lecture meetings free of charge. Moreover, they can deepen their exchanges with a wide variety of guest speakers and participants in a small party afterwards. Coordination amongst individuals will also be cultivated as before.
[3] Substantial exchanges
Members can seek to create new businesses in inter-industry areas by freely participating in technology subcommittees, probing the trends of new technologies, and conducting investigations concerning the development of such technologies. At the same time, members can also increase their personal connections outside the company.
[4] In-depth investigation of individual subjects
Members can participate in study groups, where important issues that are common to the members and issues for the future are discussed in a timely manner. Members can conduct in-depth investigations of such issues, thereby being able to seek the launch of national projects and suchlike.
Members can seek improvements in the technical levels of member businesses through participation in working groups/subworking groups under the auspice of the technology subcommittees, and by participating in the management of these groups.
若手研究者の育成支援[5] Support for training young researchers
Members can participate in seminars free of charge that are intended for young corporate R&D staff to support and promote state-of-the-art research and development, thereby making optimum use of such courses to cultivate young R&D staff.

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