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(公社)新化学技術推進協会(JACI)は、GSC("Green Sustainable Chemistry")を基盤とし、革新的な化学技術の開発推進によりイノベーションを推進し、我が国の諸産業の発展ならびに国際競争力強化と化学産業のプレゼンスの向上を図り、社会の持続的発展と経済の健全な成長に寄与することを目的として活動しています。

その一環として、JACIが主催した"第4回JACI/GSCシンポジウム/第7回GSC東京国際会議(GSC-7)"(2015年7月)において、GSCの推進をもって社会の豊かで持続可能な発展のため、地球環境との共生、社会的要請の充足、および経済合理性を同時に達成することを目指した研究開発に引き続き取り組んでいくことを再認識し、今後さらに、資源・エネルギー、地球温暖化、水・食料、人口問題といった地球規模かつ長期的な課題に対して、従来の壁を越えた様々な連携によってGSCの推進に取り組んでいくことを表明した"The Statement 2015"(東京宣言2015)を採択しました。

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The Statement 2015

  We, the participants of the 7th International GSC Conference Tokyo (GSC-7) and 4th JACI/GSC Symposium make the following declaration to promote "Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GSC)" as a key initiative in the ongoing efforts to achieve global sustainable development.

  The global chemistry community has been addressing future-oriented research, innovation, education, anddevelopment towards environmentally-benign systems, processes, and products for the sustainable development of society.

  In response to the Rio Declaration at the Earth Summit in 1992 and subsequent global Declarations, the global chemistry community has been working on challenges in a unified manner linking academia, industry, and government with a common focus to advance the adoption and uptake of Green and Sustainable Chemistry. The outcomes include the pursuance of co-existence with the global environment, the satisfaction of society’s needs, and economic rationality. These goals should be pursued with consideration for improved quality, performance, and job creation as well as health, safety, the environment across the life cycles of chemical products, their design, selection of raw materials, processing, use, recycling, and final disposal towards a Circular Economy.

  Long-term global issues, in areas such as food and water security of supply, energy generation and consumption, resource efficiency, emerging markets, and technological advances and responsible industrial practices have increasingly become major and complicated societal concerns requiring serious attention and innovative solutions within a tight timeline. Therefore, expectations are growing for innovations, based on the chemical sciences and technologies, as driving forces to solve such issues and to achieve the sustainable development of society with enhanced quality of life and well-being.

  These significant global issues will best be addressed through promotion of the interdisciplinary understanding of Green and Sustainable Chemistry throughout the discussion of "Toward New Developments in GSC".

  The global chemistry community will advance Green and Sustainable Chemistry through global partnership and collaboration and by bridging the boundaries that traditionally separate disciplines, academia, industries, consumers, governments, and nations.

July 8, 2015
Kyohei Takahashi
on behalf of Organizing Committee
Milton Hearn AM, David Constable, Sir Martyn Poliakoff, Masahiko Matsukata
on behalf of International Advisory Board
of 7th International GSC Conference Tokyo (GSC-7), Japan, July 5-8, 2015


 我々、「第4回 JACI/GSC シンポジウム・第7回 GSC 東京国際会議」の参加者は、世界の持続可能な発展のための弛みない努力において、その基盤をなすイニシアチブとして、「グリーン・サステイナブルケミストリー(GSC)」の推進を、次のように宣言します。