The 7th (2013) GSC Student Travel Grant Awards Winners

Kiyoaki Ishimoto
Kyoto Institute of Technology

Green Polymer Chemistry: Development of Biobased Polymers Derived from Lactic Acid Macromonomers

Xiongjie Jin
The University of Tokyo

Development of Efficient Oxidative Cross-Coupling Reactions by Copper Catalysts

Taichi Shimizu
Tohoku University

Development of a new preparation method for synthesis of environmentally-benign catalysts using supercritical fluids

Kosei Sugahara
The University of Tokyo

Development of Highly Efficient Base-catalyzed and Oxidation Reactions by Polyoxometalate Catalysts

Hiroyuki Mizuno
The University of Tokyo

Thermal seawater desalination process based on self-heat recuperation

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