The 6th (2012) GSC Student Travel Grant Awards Winners

Shoichi Matsuda
The University of Tokyo

Electrochemical regulation of bacterial metabolism for developing novel energy conversion systems

Liu Yuping
The University of Tokyo

Drying and torrefaction of biomass in fluidized beds with energy recovery and self-heat recuperation

Tatsuya Morofuji
Kyoto University

Electrochemical C−H/C−H Cross-Coupling and C−H amination of Aromatic Compounds

Fuku Kojirou
Osaka University

Design of color-controlled metal nanoparticles by combining microwave and mesopore structure
-High efficiency of catalytic performance by plasmonic induction-

Yasuhito Nakahara
Osaka University

Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Direct Substitution of Alcohols with Nitrogen Nucleophiles

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